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As an integrative therapist I draw on a variety of psychological theories including those of attachment, early relationships, and self and identity development. In addition to my core framework of Transactional Analysis, my approach and interventions are informed by cognitive and behavioural theories, relational, emotion-focused and psychodynamic therapies.


The nature of the difficulties that you are experiencing, will determine to some extent the length and depth of therapy that is required.  Issues that have been experienced for many years which have their roots in childhood experiences often require long-term psychotherapeutic work.  Some difficulties, triggered by recent life events can often be resolved through short-term counselling.

During the initial assessment session we will explore the main difficulties you are experiencing, to identify your therapy needs and how we will work together going forward. The initial session also provides you with an opportunity to meet me and decide whether you would like to work with me.  As the therapeutic relationship is a key part of the therapeutic process, it's important that you find a therapist that is right for you.

To book an initial session or to make further enquiries, please call: 07915 291852 or Email: dr.c.a.nixon@gmail.com