Catherine Nixon BSc. MSc. PhD

Dr Catherine Nixon

Research interests, projects & publications

Current research

Catherine is a Research Fellow for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) at Teesside University. She supports a number of ARC projects within the theme of Integrating physical health, mental health and social care; alongside this, Catherine is exploring the role of psychotherapy in the development of biopsychosocial interventions for the self-management of chronic pain and long-term health conditions.  She is particularly interested in the experiences of adults with conditions involving widespread pain and extreme tiredness, such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 

Previous work

Health and Social Research:

  • Evaluating a computer aid for assessing stomach symptoms (Newcastle University)

  • Community Challenge Project (Teesside University, School of Health & Social Care)

  • Healthy Towns Project (Teesside University, School of Health & Social Care).

  • ToyBox: European research exploring behavioural models underpinning obesity prevention interventions in children (Durham University, School of Medicine, Pharmacy & Health).

  • Obesogenic Environments Project (Durham University, School of Medicine, Pharmacy & Health).

  • Nursing homes Project: Evaluating the provision of GP ‘community beds’ in nursing homes (Durham University, School of Medicine, Pharmacy & Health).

  • Alcohol intervention in pharmacies (Durham University, School of Medicine, Pharmacy & Health).

  • Quality improvement in colonoscopy study (Durham University, School of Medicine, Pharmacy & Health).

  • Domestic abuse within same-sex and trans adult intimate relationships (University of Sunderland).

  • Young persons’ weight management service evaluation (Durham University, School of Medicine, Pharmacy & Health).

  • Identifying disability service users’ barriers to access within their local community (Redcar and Cleveland Real Opportunities Centre).

  • Counselling and psychotherapy service evaluation (Teesside University, School of Social Sciences and Law).

Education Research:

  • Undergraduate students’ identities and transitions (Teesside University)

  • Postgraduate students’ motivations for continued higher education (Teesside University)

  • Identifying gender differences in mature students’ experiences of studying at home (Teesside University)

  • Exploring sexual identity negotiation within the school context (Sheffield Hallam University)

  • Identifying barriers to postgraduate taught study for UK-domiciled students (Teesside University)


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